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Corporate Agile Communities - Live hosted, Multi-week, Large Scale, Communities of Practice

When working with large fortune 500 clients there is always a sense of unnecessary disconnectedness.  Perhaps it is my awareness of the potential that causes me the most pain but it drives me to share and to bring everything I have to real-world help.  

In the past I had to build supplemental systems to compel a community to organize into what I now call a Communities as a Service layer.  Today, companies that leverage layered communities can advance directly into a new and effective pattern of communication. 


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Corporate Agile Communities | Live hosted, Multi-week, Large Scale, Communities of Practice

A Dojo; The place of the way, or the place to find your way.  This approach applied to helping improve the IT delivery organization or the Agile Dojo is an immersive 6 week full-team experience.  We open by visiting our product model and product community as well as our technical model and technical community.  In this critical moment we can help grow truly cross functional teams that have an ability to deliver in my faster and more controlled model as well as helping ensure everyone involved is equally aware and participatory in some of the early questions and decisions.  One of the last organizations I helped to stand up Agile Dojos was able to measure improvement in the tens of millions by operating 5 Dojos globally and were looking for even better ways to track, celebrate and continue that growth.


A Developers History of Microsoft .NET


10 years ago when many companies began the migration away from Microsoft paid products in an effort to reduce costs on-shore and connect more seamlessly with new off-shore capabilities it was likely the right call.  

As it often goes many of the biggest of these companies are only now getting around to put into their budgets the lift it will take to move away.  There is no longer the need.  

The cost-to-benefit of standard office/cloud products has returned to very high and all of the development ALM advantage can be felt on a pure Linux Kernel and built using completely free development environments.  

The last product I built for an internal client went to market with tens of thousands of potential users, in a full CI/CD pipeline, with automated tests, all built using VSCode, NetCore2.3, SignalRCore, AngularCLI build, test and deployed using CentOS7 Linux.

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